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The Amsterdam Sneaker

POOL, Stockholm / KLM / 2017

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There are several possible destinations for Scandinavians eager for a weekend city trip. Paris and London and other large cities in Europe are popular destinations, mainly because of their size and versatility. Not many people have a clear picture of Amsterdam, why go there? We concluded that one of the so-called weaknesses of the city, its small size, actually could be its strongest point. We discovered that many people actually found Paris and London too large to get around in just a weekend. Therefore, we put forward Amsterdam as the perfect city to discover for a short trip, it´s small enough to get around in just two days! And the hideaways and many attractions plotted out in this geographically small city, is best discovered by foot. The specially designed sneaker was the perfect media for this message!


We specially designed the Amsterdam Sneaker to fit the typical Amsterdam tourist visiting the Dutch capital. Therefore we gave it durable design for walking, a sole with a perfect grip on cobble stone, an leather upper that can withstand rain swell as drops from a beer spilling on the dance floor, but also gave the bearer access to the Rijksmuseum and 24 more of the best attractions of Amsterdam. The ads ran on Facebook and Youtube and directed to a campaign site where you could book a flight to Amsterdam and also buy the shoes on eBay. There we also created Walks that we put together with Amsterdam locals, directing them to the best hideaways of the city. The campaign ran for two weeks in March in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All the money from the auctions went to Unicef.


+29% purchase intent, +501 unaided brand awareness compared to benchmark, 18 million+ impressions, 103.098 unique campaign site visits, +300% mobile clickrate compared to benchmark. Furthermore, the campaign was Youtube most successful ad in Sweden and Norway during Q1 2017.

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