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The Beatles on Spotify

THE BRIGADE, Portland / SPOTIFY / 2016

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Our idea was born from a simple question. What is the most fun and simple way a fan could explore and share The Beatles expansive catalog? By using universal themes like partying, crushing, chilling, or friendship, we were able to help people find songs that expressed what they were feeling. Through those themes, users could share a unique musical card with their latest crush, an old friend, or all of their friends on social.


This 8 week project required close collaboration between the client team at Spotify and the agency. We started with a wireframe prototype and then rapidly iterated on the design. We used color palettes and assets from The Beatles to connect the concept to eras like: Beatlemania, Psychedelia, or Let it Be.

By quickly getting to a prototype, we were able to QA and load test throughout the project. This ensured deploying a seamless experience that automatically launched at midnight local time in each market starting in New Zealand.


Our custom real-time dashboard gave the team insight into how, what, and where people were sharing around the world. The site was used by over 240,000 fans with 280,000 musical share cards were opened, contributing to over 440 million social impressions for the campaign.

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