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The Chicken Rap

FP7/BEY, Beirut / MCDONALD'S / 2018

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McDonald’s, Lebanon’s leading fast food retailer, wanted to promote its new Chicken Wraps.

But towards year-end, budgets were low amidst increasing competition.

So, we used radio – a cost-effective mass-media channel in Lebanon.


Now, conventional radio wouldn’t be enough.

We needed to disrupt the radio ads that people heard in cars, at homes, or in offices, and grab attention for McDonald’s Chicken Wraps.  

We chose a popular music genre in Lebanon - Rap music. And created “The Chicken Rap” to promote Chicken Wraps ;).


An unexpectedly delightful rap song disrupted the category and radio ad apathy, earning attention for McDonald’s Chicken Wraps from listeners across Lebanon.

The ad was designed mixing sounds of real chickens clucking, composed with a sticky rap beat and tune.

And as “The Chicken Rap” were hummed by everyday people on the streets, the Chicken Wraps became the hottest selling item from McDonald’s during the campaign.

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