Cannes Lions

The Cloned Sidewalk

ABINBEV, Bogota / ABINBEV / 2018

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We found a way of reviving this cultural behavior while not braking the law. To do so, we carefully studied the new police code to determine that we could create a sidewalk in any outdoor private place. And to invite people to again feel as if they were in their old gathering places, we cloned the sidewalk in every detail and invited them to spend time with their friends and a few beers. Showcasing to the authorities the cultural significance, and that there is nothing wrong with this.


We decided to copy an entire street corner and cloned it in a private outdoor space, in the street in front, a sidewalk within the law. We created the first place where it is legal to have some beers with friends. To do so, we copied every single detail working hand in hand with the best artists in country, cloning the whole corner, the old post, the rusty metal, graffiti art, ad posters, sewers; so friends could experience the clone as if it was the original one. Then, we invited many friends to enjoy this sidewalk in order to maintain the tradition that is deeply woven into the fabric of our culture. Also, we invited media so everybody could discuss our idea. This sparked consumers to create a movement in asking for signatures to have some flexibility within the law.


- More than 6 million views in 2 weeks

- 450 million interactions

- 15.000 people have asked us to clone their own sidewalk

- We are cloning one sidewalk in the main cities in Colombia to maintain keep this tradition alive.

- 1 million dollar in free press

- People created a thanks to this idea.

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