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INTERBRAND, Shanghai / BACARDI / 2015

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Ultraviolet sensitive inks were used on the exterior wrap of the bottle designs. Designed for nightlife, it is a time and place where we both hide and express ourselves. We seek the light of nightlife because we also want others to discover and reveal our true self.


Inspired by the colorful and psychedelic patterns, the Summer Edition combines such art with the fruits in context of summer. Each fruit splashes into the refreshing drink with a unique spin that recalls some of the energetic summer activities. Grapes appear like a party disco ball. Strawberry slithers into the pool. Grapefruit resembles smoldering heat in the sun… The main highlight is the glow-in-the-dark effect on bottles to remind consumers that the summer vibe is eternal, hence the theme 'The Color of the Night.

The Summer Edition became a spotlight in the category and immediately boosts the business, with a remarkable total of 40,000 cases sold on Single's Day in China. Launched with media marketing and communication on WeChat and Weibo, the campaign viral video attracted 43 million plus viewers and interactions. Not only the promotion was a leverage to the brand in the long run, it is also another reason to excite consumers to collect the bottles and take more selfies

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