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It takes a sense of adventure to “Airbnb it”. Travelling, by definition, inspires people to dream. Where will they go? What experiences will they have? Will it be beautiful? Thrilling? Romantic? Luxurious?

With Airbnb’s model, every stay is as unique as the host. This 1:1 model leads travellers to truly magical experiences only available through Airbnb, unlike a hotel where you can book the exact same mundane space in any locale. Imagine staying at a place that previously was only available in your dreams. Or, maybe a place that’s so amazing and unique you couldn’t have even dreamed of it before.


Conan’s TV studio was listed on Airbnb as a short essay contest. Entrants were asked to, “Tell us a little about yourself and why on earth you’d want to spend five minutes in our rafters, much less a whole night”.

We supported Conan’s listing on Airbnb with targeted social media, digital ads and PR. This immediately generated a groundswell of interest in the contest. Conan’s team selected one brave winner based on the creativity of her entry. The winner and her husband we’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, staying as guests in the rafters of Conan’s studio.

The adventuresome guests’ story and rafter accommodations were integrated into Conan’s iconic monologue at the start of the show, and he continued to “cut” to them throughout the episode. Video content, social media, digital support and PR continued driving interest in Airbnb after Conan aired.


The experience successfully inserted Airbnb into cultural conversation at scale, increasing visibility for the brand.

In just a few days, the Conan’s Studio Airbnb resulted in 181 Million total impressions from paid media, social media activity and press, exceeding our benchmark by 81%.

There were over 38K visits to the Conan website listing page on, 28% over goal. In three days, more than 1,700 essay entries were submitted at which additionally drove registration and platform usage.

We drove over 1 million views of the Conan episode content across TV and digital video players the week it aired and we garnered more than 1,000 direct social mentions which resulted in over 8 million total earned social media impressions across Facebook and Twitter.

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