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THE SWEET SHOP, Melbourne / GOOGLE / 2015

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Google Creative Labs created a six-sided display that integrates motion technology allowing creatives to make interactive films whereby the viewer controls the narrative structure. Six films are wrapped around a 'cube’ that the viewer manipulates to determine which sides they see. The audio is synchronised with the Cube’s movement so that only sound from the sides currently in view can be heard.

Semi-Permanent hosted the first public viewing of The Cube to an audience of the 10,000 creatives who attended the event. Here, the audience were able to interactive with the cube, controlling which sides they would view, in turn creating their own story narrative.


The Cube exhibit at Semi-Permanent was the introduction of a completely new way to consume and experience a film, an evolution resulting from new technology that had never been seen or experienced before. It pushed the evolution of film, both in terms of creation and consumption.

Semi-Permanent in Sydney played host to over 10,000 creatives who were presented with the opportunity to directly interact and experience a film as never before. The Cube exhibit followed on visit Semi-Permanent events in other cities, including Wellington in New Zealand.

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