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Conviction and relevance credentials for Dove’s Beauty Bar had been waning since 2014. And in a category where women trust that the soap they’ve been using for years is ‘good enough’ for cleansing, something had to change.

In order to shift perceptions and convince shoppers that Dove’s Beauty Bar is no ordinary soap, our task was to establish the superiority of the product, driving our core moisturisation and confidence propositions, to overcome price barriers to trial.

Ultimately our goal was to show women that beautiful, radiant skin is something we can all experience every day.


Our salons popped up at locations across Dubai over a 4 week period, surprising women in busy office areas and parks as they went about their lives.

Women were offered facials and massages in a private, tranquil setting where our product was kept a secret.

Testimonials beforehand reinforced our insight that women believe they can only achieve salon-like skin in salons. We also heard about their struggle to find some ‘me time’ in their busy lives. Indeed, trips to the salon were often a low priority. Afterwards we captured their feedback and revealed our sole mystery ingredient was the Dove Beauty Bar.

Following our on-ground activations, we promoted the film via Facebook and Instagram. This drove awareness and lead to bookings of the Dove Home Salon Experience online. This gave women all over Dubai the opportunity to experience salon like skin care in the comfort of their own home.

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