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The Evil Shopping Carts

TRY OPT, Oslo / DNB BANK / 2021

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1 out of 3 insurance claims are parking related.

Luckily, DNB covers damages to parked cars without affecting the no-claim bonus.


Announce the good news to the target audience in a memorable way.


Increase awareness around DNBs car insurance


Target Audience:

Data and insight told us that 1 out of 3 car insurance claims are parking related, with city center parking lots as the main enemy. The target audience was therefore defined as drivers who lives in the cities and and who often park in busy parking spots.

To engage the audience we started out by creating a sneaky guerilla stunt in one of two of the busiest parking lots around Oslo - making our message as memorable and relevant as possible.

The stunt was captured with hidden cameras and then published as an online film - targeted towards the same target group - but to a much bigger audience.


We constructed a hellish fleet of remote-controlled shopping carts and unleashed them in two of the busiest parking lots around Oslo. Drivers were then ambushed by our evil carts, as they were sneaking up on them and their cars.

The drivers soon realized that it was all a joke, and when looking and our bashed car, our message was revealed, explaining our insurance benefits.

To convince an even bigger audience why they need our new insurance benefits, the stunt was also documented with hidden cameras and shared as an online film - inviting everyone to learn more on our website.


The shopping carts engaged both drivers on site, as well as online. By building a posse of evil shopping carts, we managed to turn an advert for car insurance into an documented engaging stunt. As a result, 38,000 visited the insurance site and the visitors had a bounce rate of just 30%.

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