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The Fanterpreter: Using Sports Data To Connect Aussies To The NBA


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Our idea was to use the true passion of one sport to build love for another.

This was brought to life through the Fanterpreter: a platform that helped users find their ideal NBA team, based on what they loved about teams they already followed.

This was essentially a microsite that utilised a sports data back-end, with 770 data points from AFL, NRL, and NBA clubs combined into a stat-matching algorithm. This generated one of 1,028 unique team matches, including a guide populated with 380 personalised copy pieces.

This was the perfect cheat sheet for the burgeoning NBA fan, but we needed a way of seamlessly integrating into our sales funnel. So we connected to the CrownBet markets API to generate live odds based on the matched team. CTAs and legacy incentives were used to encourage betting activity, as well as signup fields for user data capture.


Though the idea was aimed at growing NBA markets, we believed it would also be effective as a longer-term product. We designed the Fanterpreter to work for any developing sporting market in Australia, and built it as a robust product that could be easily populated with new information on the front and back ends (data, promotions, products).

The sports data component was the biggest investment here. We created a massive matrix that was populated by automated data feeds and human entry for the algorithm to index. This then designated the copy pieces that would be served.

Fanterpreter: NBA edition was rolled out as a responsive single-page application, built in the months prior to the lead-up to the 2016 NBA playoffs. In terms of the user journey, paid social media ads drove traffic to the microsite, which did its job as an acquisition and lead-generation tool to the brand's ecommerce site.


Our strategy was incredibly successful and we generated over a million dollars of new NBA bets directly from users who engaged with Fanterpreter.

- Customers who participated in Fanterpreter went onto bet $1,066,438 in total.

- Customers who participated in Fanterpreter went on to place 22,632 bets overall.

- Our client reported an increase of visits to their NBA pages of 350% vs. the same period in the previous year, for the duration of the campaign.

- Customers who used Fanterpreter were far more engaged in the NBA than those that didn’t - placing on average 7x more NBA bets than those who didn’t interact with Fanterpreter but did bet on the NBA.

- ROI: 15.04 times or 1500

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