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Both true wine connoisseur and those who pretend to be one do enjoy examining their wine bottle labels - grape variety, vintage year, degree of slope incline, none of those details should not go unnoticed. Besides, beautiful vineyard landscapes are often depicted in gravure technique on the labels.

Our idea - to issue a limited run of house wine bottle labels in collaboration with Jean-Jacques wine restaurants.

Terrible car crash scenes are inserted into these beautiful landscapes. Below, in place of grape variety, a warning tells about danger of drinking and driving. An Uber offer is placed on the back label, which is usually examined right after the front label of a wine bottle. It gives a promo code for a free trip, so that all would be safe and did not get behind the wheel inebriated.


Our goal was to replicate with a great deal of accuracy that conventional beautiful wine bottle label landscape. As per rules of genre, we have, with great attention to details, created such a landscape in the printmaking technique. And with the same attention to the details we have inserted into the landscape a scene of a terrible car crash. In order to insure accuracy and authenticity, we've commissioned an illustrator - a professional wine bottle label artist.


Bottom line - thanks to the waiters who knew exactly how many bottles of wine had been ordered, hundreds of drivers did not get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol.

Uber was able to track the exact number of codes used in this promo - 92 percent. Thanks to unconventional media, there were mass media articles and social media discussions of the campaign.

Uber helps to make roads safer in Russia, and has proven itself as a socially responsible brand. And, the company won many new customers without spending a penny on media budget.

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