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Qatar Airways – The Land of FCB follows the journey of Qatar Airways stewardess as she lands in FC Barcelona and travels through the city to the Camp Nou. We open on a plane descending on a FC Barcelona badge shaped island. We see the world populated by past & present stars of FC Barcelona working in everyday jobs through the city. Gerard Pique checks passports, Neymar arrives for his first season at the club, Gary Lineker drives the stewardess into the city. Throughout the city – FC Barcelona fans go about their business wearing the colours of their team. The team & club have permeated the land throughout – buildings are shaped like footballs, referees direct traffic all on an island shaped like the FC Barcelona badge. As she travels through the city she sees further stars - Messi teaching football inspired moves at the dance school & Puyol helping two old ladies. The film finishes with her taking her seat the Camp Nou, as the players compose themselves in the tunnel and run onto the pitch for a game. We pull up to see the Camp Nou as the centre of the land of FC Barcelona.


Prior to scouting we pre-visualized the world we planned to create, then picked relevant locations within our cities - Barcelona & Doha. Player availability dictated we must shoot them (against green screen) prior to shooting locations (in which were planning to place them). We scouted locations & took measurements to plot our green screen shots with players. Measurements were taken for multiple locations in Barcelona/Doha. The Airport terminal in Doha had to be scouted remotely, budget did not allow a recce. We built replica furniture & props (in green) for players to interact with where required. We shot 6 players in a two hour window. Once complete we re-scouted locations in Barcelona to shoot the backgrounds. These were shot precisely with our measurements from the green screen shoot – player’s movements & camera angles. Once wide shots of Camp Nou (Stadium) were complete we moved to Doha Qatar. After heli-cam shots around Doha we re-scouted the final brand new airport terminal. This shoot day had several last minute delays due to pre-opening health/safety checks. Editing began on set in Doha to get meet deadlines. Casting of all nationalities and characters throughout Barcelona was extensive, including much street casting. Casting in Qatar was challenging due to talent pool & working practices. A large proportion of wardrobe & props were created specially for the commercial. Finally the world of FCB was built up & enhanced by post production. From original start up for production to delivery the project took 2 ½ months.

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