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DROGA5, New York / HENNESSY / 2014

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In 2012, Hennessy introduced the world to the Wild Rabbit – a metaphor for one’s inner drive to succeed, through its immersive “Never Stop. Never Settle.” campaign featuring the inspiring success stories of boxer Manny Pacquiao, director Martin Scorsese and singer Erykah Badu.

The campaign’s latest installment features “The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down”, the story of 1920s speed-record chaser, Sir Malcolm Campbell. The film shows Campbell returning from one of his legendary speed runs, set to an emotional recording by Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl.


"The Man Who Couldn't Slow Down" is the true story of 1920s speed racer Malcolm Campbell. Refusing to settle for breaking the world land-speed record once, he spent his entire life pushing the limits of speed. Our spot needed to convey the spirit of this endless quest and, obviously, speed.

To achieve this, the production company commissioned a working replica of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird racing car. The car, built in Los Angeles, was shipped to Miami Beach, where the spot was shot on location—down the coast from the same Daytona Beach on which Malcolm Campbell actually raced his car multiple times.

The production, however, faced massive challenges:

- Laws governing the beach allowed us to drive the car at only 40 MPH—

a far cry from the 200+ MPH Campbell actually achieved on Daytona Beach.

-It rained on both of our beach shoot days a lot. Record-setting, historical levels of rain. We lost half our day on both days, turning a three-day shoot into a two-day shoot. Despite this, the director and crew worked quickly and creatively to capture beautiful images of the car, scenery and talent.

-Only 75 extras costumed in authentic period-appropriate wardrobe and 10 picture cars were used to shoot plates to create a historically accurate, much larger crowd of people on the beach.

All of this was achieved with a small budget, and is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved. It was a true team effort.

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