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SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / SKY / 2016

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Violence between football fans is a problem all over Europe. One of the big fights in the German Bundesliga is the North derby Werder Bremen and hamburger SV. Nowhere else do the fans seem like such rival armies, never to be unified. We overcame this fan rivalry by using Sky Go, the mobile subscription of the football channel Sky in a very unique way: fans without tickets for the sold-out game scanned a QR Code and were able to stream it via a mobile website on their smartphones – but only one half of the picture. One half for Bremen fans, one half for Hamburg fans. So two rival fans had to put their phones together to see the whole picture. After 90 minutes there was only one winner: the love of football. Because rivalries, fouls and tough duels only took place inside the stadium – not outside of it.


The promotion took place directly outside of the stadium of SV Werder Bremen – from about 3 hours before the kick-off of the Bundesliga match until its end. Mobile promotion teams wearing green (for Bremen) and blue (for Hamburg) directly addressed fans from the respective supporter groups who were looking for tickets for the sold-out derby. At the green Bremen promotion stall fans were able to scan a QR Code getting them to a specific microsite. Via the site, one half of the screen of the match Werder vs Hamburg was streamed. At the blue Hamburg promotion stall a specific QR code only for Hamburg supporters was given out which enabled them to stream their part of the half of the screen. The goal was to team up one Bremen and one Hamburg supporter who would place their smartphones next to each other and jointly watch the 'Nordderby' full screen.

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