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Fresh milk products have experienced a noticeable decline in sales and volume, attributed to reduced breakfast occasions and milk consumption especially amongst kids.


Launching an education and awareness campaign highlighting the vital role of milk in the diet of growing children; underscoring its health benefits and the importance of incorporating milk into daily routines of children.


- Increase milk preference and popularity among kids

- Improve imagery among kids score by 5 percentage points.

- Increase milk consumption and volume within declining category over the next 6 months.


Target audience (consumer demographic / individuals / organizations)

Targeting Arabic-speaking parents, predominantly mothers, and children in Saudi Arabia. While authentic to their culture and values, our audiences embrace technology to stay up-to-date and connected to their communities.


Demand for music streaming services is rapidly increasing amongst the younger generation, with youth embracing digital and music entertainment. So, we focused our campaign on leveraging high affinity for music with a catchy motto and technological innovation. All done in Arabic, the dominant language of KSA.

To build trust, credibility, and nostalgia, we collaborated with Rasha Rizk, Saudi’s most beloved and familiar voice.

To build unique, personalized experiences for children, we leveraged AI in collaboration with Anghami, the leading music and audio platform in the MENA region. Each child received a personalized greeting from Rasha Rizk at the start of their customized song.


The activation launched at the beginning of December. It was hosted on Almarai’s artist page on Anghami and supported by promotional collaterals including call-to-action audio ads, interstitial formats, mastheads, and personalized emailers.

Once they landed on the activation, parents could follow simple steps to instantly create personalized songs featuring their child’s name and a selected theme: Breakfast, School, Sports, or the Importance of Milk.

- Step 1: Insert their child's name

- Step 2: Choose a theme

- Step 3: Play and listen to the song

Generated songs begin with an AI-generated intro of Rasha’s voice addressing the child, i.e., “Hello Mohammad, this song is brought to you by Almarai”. Lyrics are also AI-generated, based on the chosen theme. This allowed us to turn 1 song into a massive number of personalized songs – all of which could be directly played on Anghami and shared across social platforms.


Since its launch on Anghami, our song topped the charts for 16 consecutive days.

Our activation is still ongoing and registering an outstanding engagement rate, surpassing benchmarks of special executions on the app by 100%.

The average play per personalized song is more than 10 plays. This confirms that not only did the song make it to “Favorites” playlists of Saudi parents but that they are playing the songs on repeat for their children.

Our Brand Health Tracker imagery attribute of love for milk amongst children increased from 34% to 44% over 3 months and, as a market leader, Almarai Fresh Milk was able to grow and drive the growth for the category by 4% for the first time in years.

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