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fizy is Turkey’s number one music app with 22 Million users. The identity of such a rich platform consisting of tons of genres of music. The brief was to come up with a new font for the brand that would convey the language of music. Mobile music platforms in Turkey are offering similar contents and application interfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to make innovative projects to differentiate from the competition and to attract consumers. To attract music listeners with an engaging project that promotes variety of music genres. To make fizy perceived as the most engaging and creative music platform.


What do people do when they hear music? They naturally dance. Why not fizy's font? To attract the music lovers and artists, we created the Musical Font which likes music, a font that reacts to music. A variable font that can dance to all forms of music.


We created the Musical Font by using the Variable Font technology in a disruptive way. First, a new fizy ‘base font’ is designed. 6 different axes are constructed within one font. Then, the font’s typographic features are connected to different frequency levels of sound.


A font that likes music. A font that can react to music. A real time motion font that can dance to all forms of music.

Besides being the corporate communication font of the fizy brand (applied on ads, social media posts, banners, song lyrics within the app and more) the musical font is presented free to all users for personal usage. Music lovers and artists could download it free from and use it at as visual content at home parties, concerts, stage shows, album covers and more. In a platform which has 22 million users, we watched our font function.

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