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The ACRF is dedicated to funding world-class research in an effort to end cancer. Everything they do is groundbreaking and state-of-the-art.

Our creative execution needed to be as technologically savvy as the work they do. Innovation needed to stay at the heart of this campaign.

Meet the live, evolving face of The One Who Will End Cancer.

This idea empowers every Australian that they can help end cancer. While most charities want your money. The ACRF just wants your face. Knowing that with your support and commitment we could talk to you about donating later.

Anyone could join ‘The One’ by capturing his or her face at TheOne.CancerResearch, where it would seamlessly morph into ‘The One’ in real-time.

The automatic creation of a bespoke message, image and URL, gave supporters their own personalised social asset to share publicly on their social network to show support for the Foundation.


Launching and coinciding with World Cancer Day, we called on a nation to come together to join The One Who Will End Cancer. This is the live, evolving face of everyone and anyone who wants to support cancer research.

Built in HTML5, streamlined navigation and intuitive design makes participation easy. In one seamless action, WebRTC captured the supporter’s face and face-recognition aligned the eyes, automatically taking the picture. Complex WebGL shaders within the browser effortlessly morphed the supporter’s face into ‘The One’ face in real-time.

The automatic creation of a bespoke image, message and URL became a supporter’s personalised social asset – enticing sharing on social media and in so continuing the journey to end cancer.

We called on the nation to join through cinema, TV, digital OOH, banners, posters, press and radio.

The campaign continues to run and will do until, yes, the end of cancer.


The ultimate success metric for this campaign will be improvements in aided and unaided brand awareness – particularly amongst younger Australians.

What we know so far:

• Despite being around for 32 years, awareness has always been an issue for the ACRF. But for the first time in history, the charity has tracked in the Top 5 medical research charities in Australia through an Empirica Research ‘brand awareness and perceptions 2015 survey’. This is the first time the ACRF has even appeared on the survey.

• 2015 was the Foundation’s best appeal year since its inception in 1984.

• The One has reach millions around the world, and over 1.7 million Australians online in the first month. Resulting in one in six unique visitors to The One, adding their face and details.

• The One and awareness of the ACRF continues to grow each day.

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