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ELVIS, London / PEPSICO / 2021

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Doritos is an iconic brand that targets 16-24 year olds (Gen Z). We were briefed to turn Doritos into Gen Z’s snack brand of choice during Christmas 2020 to maximise the seasonal sales uplift.

With 58% of gamers snacking whilst gaming and 50% of them claim to eat Doritos, aligning with this huge, ever-growing passion point provided us with the perfect opportunity.

Our objective: to create an attention-grabbing campaign leveraging Doritos’ partnership with PlayStation, giving 16-24 year olds across Europe a reason to pick up a pack of the delicious, triangular chips.

This OOH execution ran on UK rail sites and was part of a wider campaign which ran on social and digital ads within games.

The campaign was live from 2nd November to 27th December 2020.


2020 saw two of the world’s most iconic brands come together for the first time ever. The campaign gamified shopper marketing, giving real gamers the best chance of getting their hands on the sold out PlayStation 5. To tease this epic partnership, we released mysterious OOH ads that merged the PlayStation symbols with the unmistakable texture of Doritos, in a brutally simple testament to the power of iconography.

Doritos’ most distinctive asset is its triangular chip shape, and PlayStation’s most distinctive asset is its four shape logo – one of these shapes is a triangle. Both brands’ assets are highly recognisable to our audience of European gamers.


Doritos is the world’s most famous triangular tortilla chip. To tease our promotional partnership ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 5, a brand with its own iconic triangle, we wanted to build excitement with a powerfully simple visual execution that brought the two brand worlds seamlessly together.

We worked with the Doritos R&D team to manufacture real circle, cross and square tortilla chips which we shot alongside our instantly recognisable triangle chip.

Nothing more was needed. The combination of texture and shape was enough to communicate the partnership and start gamers talking, in a way which appealed to their inquisitive nature.


Our campaign gave 16-24 year olds across Europe a reason to pick up a pack of Doritos, by giving them the chance to win a PS5. The key metric we measured success against was competition entries, as this gave a strong indication of how well the campaign resonated with our audience. The results speak for themselves: We saw a massive 1.3 million competition entries.

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