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Situation: Greta Thumberg, Malala or Jack Andraka belong to a generation known as Centennials: Young people who face the great politicians and businessmen of the world demanding respect for good sustainable practices.

Brief: Bancolombia, the most sustainable bank in the world according to the Dow Jones 2018 index, wanted to connect the Latin American public with sustainability, a region of the world still skeptical and disconnected from the urgency of addressing these issues.

Objectives: Achieve strong actions that moved the main SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals)


Bring together those who have the power to inspire changes (centennials), with those who have the power to make them a reality (big businessmen) and with the pressure of the cameras to reach agreements for sustainability.


If companies take care of something, it is their reputation, so the strategy would be to exert social pressure so that entrepreneurs are encouraged to commit themselves to changes in their processes and policies that favor sustainable development goals. We used our influence as a bank and invited their CEOs to participate in a series that would challenge them to invite young Centennials to their companies, to have a conversation with them about sustainability. The plan was for these young activists during their visit to exert pressure to reach change commitments in front of the cameras.


- Three teams worked simultaneously.

DOCUMENTARY TEAM. In charge of pre, pro and post production of the series. Casting Centennials, locations, music.

BANK TEAM. Responsible for making contacts, selection of companies, and identification of vulnerable populations affected by the operation of companies.

CAMPAIGN TEAM. In charge of communication and launch of the series.

- Timeline: Creation: October 2018. Preproduction: January 2019 - April 2019. Production and postproduction (campaign and chapters): May - July 2019 Release: July 2019 Performance (campaign and chapters): August 2019 to the present.

-The docuseries, hosted on the website and published in digital channels, with 6 episodes about different topics: water care, access to health, access to education, gender equality and deforestation.

-PR The series was hosted by Sebastián Yatra, one of the most important young artist and influencer of Latin America. He used his social networks to amplify the campaign and traditional media.


Commitments by company:

-VDL: Promote education of low-income medical students and to pay for the research of Jack Andraka

-Corona: Work towards environmental sustainability throughout its value chain.

-CMI: Develop a project to provide drinking water access to remote communities.

-Uninorte: Guarantee equitable access to higher education through its scholarship program and to work towards the prevention of teenage pregnancy and support for young mothers.

-Fedepalma: By 2023 ensure that at least 75% of its production is verified and certified as sustainable.

-Bancolombia: Give more female participation on the board of directors in 2020.


- 67% positive sentiment was maintained during the campaign, the highest percentage the brand had had was 35%.

-During the first 3 months, more than 3,853,080 views were obtained in the 6 chapters of the docuseries.

-In 4 days of media advertisement, a record of advertisement, a record of more than 7.6 million unique

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