The Reconciliation Wine

SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / PENNY / 2018

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Many Christmas campaigns are centered on happy and carefree topics. But Christmas is also a stressful time with increased personal conflict. Especially during this time, people argue more than during the rest of the year. PENNY’s goal was to promote community and reconciliation for Christmas 2017.


We created a product that allowed people to enter into dialogue not only with us, but above all with each other: The PENNY Reconciliation Wine – the first wine that could only be opened together. A huge multi-channel campaign asked people to take a step towards each other. The secured bottle was sent to the other party of the dispute, who only could open it when meeting the sender – and work things out over a glass of red wine.


According to statistics, almost half of all Germans argue during the Christmas holidays. Our strategy was not only to make a campaign that encourages people to reconcile. Far more than that we created a genuine help to bring people back together: The PENNY Reconciliation Wine – the first wine that could only be opened together. A large multi-channel campaign called on people to make time for each other. In an online film, out-of-home posters and social media we drew attention to our reconciliation campaign.


One could apply on our website for this special wine and received the pre-franked package with a code and the specially-sealed wine. The 4,500 people who were chosen kept the codes that could open the combination lock on the bottleneck and sent the parcel with the wine to the opponent. Whether from a family member, a former friend or a neighbor: 4500 people unsuspectedly received a bottle of wine by mail. However, the wine could only be opened with the help of the code. This way, the PENNY Reconciliation Wine provided a real help to settle thousands of disputes.


PENNY not only wants to be a local supplier, but also promote closeness and community. The idea truly reflected these brand core values. The campaign reached thousands of estranged people and made them get back into contact with each other. More than 10,000 people applied for the Reconciliation Wine. Within one week all 4500 bottles were sent out, helping 9000 people take time for each other again. We were pleased with many magnificent reactions and reconciliation pictures. Christmas 2017, we showed that our brand really has the power to close gaps between people – and on top of everything we achieved all of this with one of our own products.

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