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McCANN, Shanghai / INNOCENT / 2023

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The best-selling English juice brand innocent, insists on 100% freshly squeezed juice. It has become European’s everyday juice. But in the Chinese market, there’s almost zero awareness of the brand and products.


Through the launch of the new product, pineapple juice, raising overall brand awareness, helping the brand to create buzz among young people.


Disrupt the traditional communication of the juice category, not focusing on the nutritional content and production process but on exciting topics to attract a younger consumer base.


Innocent Juice invited a girl named Amy, who hates fruit, to testify to the purity of the fruit content in their juice. With her fruit-hating instinct to prove how natural and pure Innocent juice is. In the teaser film “The Search,” we documented the authentic reaction of how much Amy hated fruit. Even just the smell of Innocent made Amy collapse entirely. In the commercial "The Amy Who Hates Fruits,” we invited Amy to be the endorser of Innocent Juice. With no conventional enjoying moment but to let Amy truly show her hatred and collapse of the 100% pure and natural juice. The jumpier Amy gets, the purer the juice is.


The overall marketing campaign achieved outstanding results and exceeded expectations in all indicators:

Video views: 3,385,800

Interaction: 41,804,000

Overall exposure: 170,000,000

Social post views :41,157,721

Social interaction rate: 24.68%

Today the recognition of the Innocent brand has increased significantly, and the search volume in e-commerce has grown. It is no longer just health-conscious mothers who consider NFC juice but also the younger generation on social media platforms who discuss NFC juice products.

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