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The Song That Lit An Island

BBDO PUERTO RICO, Guaynabo / MARS / 2018

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When no other media channel was working, we used radio the same way our ancestors used music. To bring a special message from one place to another. We partnered up with local Latin Star Victor Manuelle and produced this year’s Christmas Hit. A song that described the resilience of the Puerto Rican spirit to bring hope and fun. The song showcased the way Puerto Ricans make the best out of any situation. It became the Christmas Hit Song of the year.


Our effort lasted 5 weeks. We partnered up with international salsa superstar Victor Manuelle, to produce 2017’s Christmas hit song. A song about how Puerto Ricans made any situation a possibility for fun and hope. The brand stayed behind the scenes for the first two weeks allowing the song to enter the top 50 lists in Puerto Rico. The song was a hit and every radio station included it into their programming. Once that happened the brand started to claim it’s place in the production of the song with an online video on You Tube that showed the M&M’s recording the song with the artists themselves. With many Puerto Ricans leaving the island to improve their current situation, the song had the opportunity to travel with them ending up reaching organically over 40 radio stations in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the United States.


Nielsen tracked sales volume increase by just under 30% year on year and yield a 19% increase in NSV YoY. 

In Puerto Rico, total reach for our radio was 87%, Digital reached 45% of the population and earned media was worth $1,450,986 (on a budget of $125,000).

Over 40 radios stations over the US and Puerto Rico played the song  more than 2,400 times in a span of 4 weeks.

Between November 22 and January, the Song achieved five weeks in Billboard US Tropical Charts and topped three weeks at No 8 in the chart. 

The value of total earned media across the US and beyond is much higher since in mayor markets the song is the equivalent to over 9,500 30” spots in 4 weeks.

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