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The Toyota Drive Happy Project

TOYOTA NEW ZEALAND, Palmerston North / TOYOTA / 2018

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This idea is based on the very real insight that most people hate buying a new car.

In the film, various new car buyer’s fears emerge as the ‘Bothers’. Each is a physical manifestation of a car-buying fear. Like dogs, the ‘Bothers’ look a bit like their owners. Unlike dogs, they cannot be seen by anyone but the person they haunt - they are innermost fears after all. ‘Bothers’ can visit you at any place and at any time. In bed. On a bus. In a café. Whenever you think about buying a car in fact. Whether it’s the dread of haggling, the pressure to buy a car before it’s gone or buyer’s remorse after you’ve bought a car a little too hastily. The film resolves with the introduction of a whole new car-buying experience, the Drive Happy Project. A place where ‘all your Bothers can be left behind’.

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