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The Treecording

AKQA, Milan / COCA-COLA / 2022

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Christmas is a pivotal moment of the year that embodies Coca-Cola’s core values, such as the beauty of sharing joyful moments with our loved ones.

Having just launched its “Real Magic” brand platform, Coca-Cola wanted to create an immersive digital experience to make people live the magic of a special Christmas and bring them closer no matter the distance.


We designed a digital tool that turns the unique sound wave of the user’s voice into a virtual and sharable Christmas tree.

Thanks to the web app, anyone could generate a one-of-a-kind greeting, as unique as the voice that shaped it, and enjoy an immersive experience they could share with their loved ones.


Users could use the web app to record their own message. The sound of their voice generated a one-of-a-kind virtual Christmas tree they could customize and share with their loved ones. Thanks to AR technology, the recipients could let the tree grow by pointing their device's camera to the surrounding environment while listening to it.


The Treecording was launched internationally across Latin America, helping tons of people around the globe to put some Christmas spirit back into their Christmas greetings, gaining more than 1 million unique visits with a 143% share rate.

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