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TBWA BELGIUM, Brussels / SAMSUNG / 2024

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Samsung, a giant within the technology world, enjoys an almost unparalleled brand recognition worldwide. A stark contrast to Samsung's presence in the Dutch "cordless vacuum" market. Only a modest 12% of the target is aware of Samsung's portfolio in this niche, including the Bespoke Jet™ AI.

Yet, Samsung expressed the ambition to not only narrow the gap with market leader Dyson, but to overtake them eventually. Our goal? Build brand awareness

for Samsung's Jet™ portfolio, with a primary focus on awareness. This is crucial, considering research shows that an impressive 66% of consumers who consider the Samsung Jet™ end up purchasing.

An additional challenge is the positioning of their hero product: the Bespoke Jet™ AI. This flagship product combines sleek design with state-of-the-art technological functionality for just under €1400. This required the campaign to convey a message not only of quality, but also of exclusivity and prestige.


International campaigns over the past few years did not produce the desired results. which caused us to look for more locally relevancy while retaining Samsung’s innovative nature.

Then we stumbled upon the world of CGI and Faux Out Of Homes. A digital world that balances the possible with the barely believable. A perfect realm for the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI to thrive, as the impressive CGI visuals allow us to combine the vacuum cleaner’s unbelievable power with its highly aesthetic design.

The first of its kind for a household product, and the first FOOH in the Netherlands altogether, was born. We created a simple TikTok where a CGI-generated version of the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI drives through the streets of Amsterdam on the back of a van, cleaning up as it goes.


When you think of classic vacuum cleaner marketing conventions, you think of homely decors with perfect families enjoying the product. More importantly, they love to shout about performance and numbers.

But our main objective is to raise awareness for Samsung’s hero product, the Bespoke Jet™ AI, within the Urban Families & Gen Z audience. And, frankly, they zone out when brands shout about the product performing at 66.000 rotations per minute or if it has a ‘brand-new HEPA engine. Only engineers can grasp those features. Research showed that they do care about whether the product is an extension of their lifestyle and interior – in terms of design, e.g.

And the Jet is a powerhouse when it comes to design. That’s why we looked at what the luxury and fashion industry is doing and how we can bring that to a cordless vacuum cleaner. The answer: CGI Out Of Homes.


Together with a local 3D video agency, we brought the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI to life so realistically that it literally sucked the audience into our story. The video itself was filmed with a Samsung smartphone so that it wouldn’t seem too commercial at first sight and blend in with viewers’ TikTok feed.

Recognizability and local relevance were important pillars. We took the time to scout out the ideal location that both gave enough room to move to do justice to the computer images and radiated enough "Amsterdam vibes.”

Nice touch: a partnership with Volkswagen to use the all-electric ID. Buzz. A car that looks almost computer-generated by itself with our lifelike Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI mounted on it turned out to be a hit

Last but not least: a toptopical. When storm Ciáran swept through the Low Countries, we found our ideal launch moment.


Just like the content of our video, the results were almost too good to be true. Brand awareness rose with 27%. Sales of the Bespoke Jet™ AI saw a 180% increase compared to the same period one year before.

Samsung’s social media account blew up as well. Organic views stacked up and after 48 hours we counted 43,5M of them. The video generated a bit over 826K interactions and saw an increase of 57% in the account’s TikTok followers.

Interestingly, we got invited by Creative Review to talk about the campaign with none other than Ian Padgham (a.k.a. Origiful), one of the pioneers of CGI marketing.

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