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Political corruption, bribery, economic instability. These were just some of the core issues that made Taiwan’s youths yearn for real change in their nation’s future. They had lost faith, and were crying out for someone to hear them. Yet, despite efforts, even widespread movements, they felt ignored. Over and over again.

As the 2016 Presidential Election loomed, the thought of not having their voices heard by those in power left youths feeling depressed. How could Google help?

In the run up to the Taiwanese election, searches on election news and commentaries were, naturally, at an all-time high. So, Google stepped in, and gave Taiwanese youths a voice like they’d never had before: Google’s Election Site!


To attract Taiwanese people to Google’s Election Site, first we listened to them. Using data tracking insights from the platform, we learned what political issues they cared about, and grouped them according to these interests and their life cycles. We mapped the users of Google's Election Site over time, then found more lookalike Taiwanese in the digital world.

Next we caught their attention. Our customized ads appealed to each individual’s preferred political topics and updated with content to match the development of the election. Ads evolved as the election campaign evolved.

Our ads were digital invites, a call for Taiwanese to share their voices on Google's Election Site, adding volume to the voice of Taiwan’s people with every new recruit.


5X Dominating Previous Campaign, 1 out of every 3 Youth Joined

- Approx. 7K questions has been submitted across wide varieties of categories which is 5X dominating previous campaign. 1 out of every 3 Youth joined the Google Election event.

First Ever around the world

- Questions on Google Election Site has been used as the only source of citizen questions for presidential debate which is also the first ever around the world that presidential debate deciding official questions referencing from a single online platform, which never happen in election history.

First Ever in Taiwan

- The platform’s voice echoed so loud that even the presidential candidates couldn't ignore the platform and answered public questions directly on the platform itself!

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