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BBH , London / UNILEVER / 2019

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Unilever’s business goal was to grow share in the booming beauty category by targeting an affluent millennial audience. In order to achieve this, we launched Skinsei. Our brief was to position it as an answer to millennial demand for more progressive approaches to self care, inclusive understanding of personal beauty, clearly landing its product benefit: personalisation. Budget: 400k. Launched exclusively in the U.S in January 2019.


We started by naming the brand Skinsei as a play on “Skin say”, because everyone’s skin says something different about them and requires different products. To showcase Skinsei’s unique product benefit we photographed men and women streetcast from all over America and published the work with no retouching. We included people from all walks of life, ethnicities and religions who were captured to show the breadth of different skin types and lifestyles that can be found in the US. To demonstrate that Skinsei has a bespoke solution to every skin type and lifestyle, every person submitted a questionnaire about their lifestyle and we used quotes with accompanying imagery, their diagnostic results and product solution. Then we used the diagnostic shape and colours as a starting point to create the 3D world of the restless bars to capture the product range.


The starting part for our whole brand world was Skinsei’s diagnostic tool, it’s USP in category. Using this, we disassembled the individual components to form restless bars, a graphic device which ran through all comms at every touchpoint (from opening animations to within product set ups) providing consistency and a premium look and feel. The bars were handcrafted from perspex, wood and glass and created as a digital version through animation. Colours from the diagnostic were used for the bars and also as the backdrop for portraits to ensure consistency throughout. The digital animation was then used to show the diagnostic disassembling to signpost the link between the tool and the world of the products and faces. We created an online film, carousels and instagram stories. The work served to excite and educate the viewer on Skinsei’s offering before directing them to the website to find their own unique diagnostic.


The site has launched very recently so we don't have full sight of the sales. However we did achieve 1,188,748 impressions in the first month with a click through rate of 1.26%.

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