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Those That Follow – Shot on iPhone 13 Pro

TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB, Singapore / APPLE / 2023

Case Film






The cinematic vision for ‘Those That Follow’ was to portray a haunting fantasy rooted in reality.

Most critical and challenging, was ensuring the ingredient of darkness - central to any great horror film - could be delivered using an iPhone.

With the story mainly set during the night, firelight and candles were used with larger lighting setups to replicate moonlight, but the sets remained largely dark or low-lit.

This technically challenging shoot forced the DoP and Director to quickly gain understanding of shooting on the device.

Designed for the big screen, each shot was carefully framed, the smallest details considered.

No additional lenses were used.

Additionally, they were able to experiment with iPhone’s versatility and size, placing it in unexpected places (behind masks, on drones, on bamboo sticks while riding motorbikes) and passing iPhone to Lead Actor to hold for interesting POV shots.

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