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By creating Instagram filters based on different eye impairments and using them to distort images uploaded by popular Instagram users, we were able to reach out to each one of them individually and create a unique, direct experience of how the world looks through the eyes of someone else.. The campaign effectively created hundreds of one to one links, where one person shared his or her unrepeatable outlook on the world with someone else, using the other person's own experiences. This approach drove a much more intensive response than a generic, non targeted appeal. People shared our content, learned more about Leontinka and most importantly, donated more money.


On World Sight Day, we used used five unique filters, each representing a different eye impairment, to show how distorted the world looks for people affected by these diseases. We targeted Instagram accounts of hundreds of Czech celebrities and trendsetters and manipulated their photos using our filters.

Once uploaded to popular images on Instagram, photos were immediately distorted and reposted by the Leontinka Foundation along with a tag of the original user and personal messages from the visually impaired. Messages included a direct link enabling viewers to donate and visit a gallery microsite, ThroughMyEyes, which told stories of our youngsters.


By switching from traditional to social media, we also cut media costs by 93% and made the campaign 15 times more effective than the fundraising efforts of the previous year. But most importantly, five simple filters brought an 8% increase in donations (an extra €15,000) year on year, which allowed the Leontinka Foundation to provide year-long personal care for 12 young sufferers and train four new guide dogs.

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