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Tiger Would

HUMAN, Los Angeles / NIKE / 2023

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This Nike spot featuring ScHoolBoy Q details Tiger Wood's legendary journey through golf as it built anticipation for the 2022 Masters Tournament. The spot is reflective, emotional, and contemplative. We created a modern, orchestral trap score that drew elements from multiple genres. We took special care in ensuring the track helped support the ScHoolBoy Q's inspirational message instead of overpowering it. The challenge of the brief was to have the music tell a story of isolation and triumph through perseverance. We were asked to draw influence from hip-hop, but create a track that is "genre agnostic" that would inspire listeners across cultures and generations.


We composed a track that evoked inspiration in an anthemic way. We attempted several different approaches: a classical-influenced hip-hop track, a stylish choral, vocal-driven track, a safe, minimal piano score, and a rearrangement. After many options rose to the top, we settled on a mix of approaches: a modern, orchestral track featuring choral elements and contemporary trap drums.

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