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After 2 years of being grounded due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Qantas was ready to celebrate their role in helping Australia open up to the world once again. Fittingly, the airline was also celebrating their 100th birthday: a significant event for the national carrier and the perfect moment to remind Australians of the journeys they’ve made, and will continue to make, with Qantas.

The overarching objectives for the campaign were;

1. Mark the monumental moment of reaching 100 years of the Spirit of Australia.

2. Re-establish and rekindle Australia’s passion for international travel.

3. Reconnect Australia to their own breathtaking landscapes and remind them of the enriching power of travel, both at home and abroad.

While the centennial was an important milestone for Qantas, the overall takeout needed to be a unifying sense of pride for all Australians, from all backgrounds.


Since the original version aired in 1987, the I Still Call Australia Home campaign has become a beloved part of Australian culture. Used during in flight videos, and played at check in desks and lounges at foreign airports all over the world, the iconic song and children’s choir performance have become recognisable as Qantas to all Australians.

But with many Australians distanced from loved ones due to travel restrictions: the words of Peter Allen’s anthem suddenly took on a new and deep meaning. “someday we’ll all be together once more” had never felt more profound.

Our idea was to recreate the original ad, but add well known celebrities and local personalities to the choir: having them deliver the message that wherever we might be in the world, we still call Australia home.


The use of recognisable celebrity talent was essential in this campaign, both to achieve scale and to reflect a wide variety of Australian pastimes and personalities.

This meant elisting authentic and relatable Australian celebrities, who are renowned for residing abroad, yet still maintaining their distinct Australian identity. Hugh Jackman was perhaps the most powerful of these figures. Although spending a majority of his professional life in Europe and North America: he acts as an unofficial (and times official) ambassador for his home country: and is well regarded by most Australians. We may not share his lifestyle or his fame, but we share his connection with, and affection toward home.

The strategy was therefore to cast Hugh, along with a plethora of other voices from across entertainment, sport and the arts: each with their own unique connection to Australia and story of belonging.


The film begins on a slow aerial shot across the vast outback, revealing beautiful Uluru, an iconic Australian geographic landmark and sacred place for local Anangu people. Nearby we meet the first of the Australians that represent Australia’s story in Rene Kuliita. Rene embodies the connection to country that Australia’s first nations people have. For First Nations people, “country” encompasses an interdependent relationship between an individual and their ancestral lands and seas.

It is through this viewpoint that we are introduced to the idea of Australians attachment to home, via a moving journey from the spiritual heart of Australia across epic landscapes, vibrant cities and overseas destinations.

The total list of talent included actor Hugh Jackman, musical personalities Kylie Minogue and Troye Sivan, Bangarra dancers, former World Number 1 Tennis player Ash Barty, AFL footballer Adam Goodes and Olympic & Paralympic swimmers Bronte Campbell and Ellie Cole.


Australia’s pride in their identity as a travelling nation was re-established. Campaign tracking showed that it drove a desire in travel internationally again in 70% of respondents and made viewers proud of Qantas, rekindling their national patriotism. ​

The 3-minute video was also viewed 1.4 million times online and counting and received global news coverage including pieces on the Today Show, News.com.au and the Daily Mail UK. It successfully leveraged nostalgia to prompt action: according to Georgia Phillips, COO, Luma Research ‘It reminds us of our past reunions and urges us to get back out there and go visit our friends.’

Qantas Airways share price rose for the first time in two years, a clear sign that Australians were reconnected to their national carrier once more.

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