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Over the years, Pizza Hut sees declining brand relevance and affinity among Malaysian consumers. Culturally food loving Malaysians are now spoilt with choice and has lost love for the once dominant pizza delivery brand.McDonald's has emerged as a big threat in the QSR category with fresh rmenu offering to appeal to young adult Malaysians whereas Pizza Hut's strength lies in their dine-in business, appealing mostly to weekend diners of mass Malay family segment.


Pizza Hut had to think differently, change gears from being passive aggressive self to a positively provocative and disruptor brand.

This is where we brought our invention of the decade - ROLVA ( Reach Optimised Location Visitation Attribution) to the forefront. Catch consumers at the pang of the hunger. Build a near real-time segment of a data driven precision audience of Young Malaysians who had deserted Pizza Hut outlets in last 3 months but were still munching on a Big MAC and show them the most compelling messaging on why it should be a Pizza that day!

We fused our age old TV planning principles of Reach sufficiency with the new age programmatic technology of device Id based behaviour mapping, and created a precise audience segment to steal competitors share.


With 143% mobile penetration and an average of 4-6 hours time spent on mobile daily, Malaysia is a mobile-first market. An average Malaysian have 2-4 food delivery apps on their phones, with increased clutter and noise surrounding food promotions, deals and more.

Our insight was powerful - Fast food lovers are flirtatious in nature, often driven by offers and more often motivated by the opportunity of breaking their everyday routine of eating the same food. Basically the most elastic audience to have congnitive dissonance right at the time of making a decision of having food. We wanted to leverage this dissonance and turn it into a moment of steal share for Pizza Hut.


We had tested ROLVA earlier successfully on another retail client with tremendous success, but now we were putting it on steroids with a scale of implementing across 60 stores.

We analysed the the 3 custom audience segment and their detailed visitation behaviour, then deployed a 3-step approach to start stealing share to Pizza Hut stores.

1) Store identification - We focused on the bottom 60 lowest performing stores, benchmarking their footfall traffic patterns and customer profiles.

2) Customised offer - We deployed Precision Marketing to deliver compelling promo offers, customised by time of the day, and day of week (eg. Weekday / Weekend combo, Lunch Specials etc)

3) Footfall uplift - We analysed Controlled Group (CG) and Exposed Group (EG) of audience, measured uplift in store footfall uplift and increased conversion rates compared to traditional mediums.


The campaign achieved an outstanding 559% increase in overall store visitation uplift, higher than any past campaign benchmarks.

- 39% overall Conversion Rate, with 43% conversion from McDonald's customers effectively stealing its share

- Highest visitation at 41%, highest frequency of 3.8x, contributed by weekday lunch specials, its traditionally lowest performing occassion

- 79% engagements are contributed by Young Adults under 34 yo, its weaker target segment

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