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How do you reconnect with customers you lost touch with?

Porsche faced two specific challenges earlier this year:

1.Finding and connecting with unknown drivers: Many pre-owned Porsches are being bought and sold through either local dealers or private sellers. As a result, there are about 7.300 Porsches in the Netherlands that are not registered at Porsche. These unknown Porsche drivers cannot be reached for events, campaigns, service, etc.

2.Reconnecting with existing customers: Porsche has been focusing on innovation and attracting new target audiences over the last couple of years. That, in combination with a hard stop on all events and get-togethers due to COVID, resulted in customers feeling out of touch with Porsche.

The goal of this campaign was to reconnect and win back as many of these known and unknown Porsche owners as possible, get their info into the database and make them feel seen and connected again.


The Porsche Tour of Legends was a driving experience with a unique keepsake that is a true collector’s item for every Porsche lover out there.

With 12 scenic driving routes through the 12 provinces of the Netherlands, the Tour of Legends offered the one thing every Porsche owner loves doing most; driving their Porsche. Something that became even more relevant during COVID lockdown, when car rides became one of our few options for outside entertainment.

The 12 routes were to be unlocked by entering one’s personal data and Porsche license plate. The first 911 entries received a beautifully designed box with 12 route booklets. Everyone else could download the routes digitally.

On top of that, each route came with a poster specifically designed for that route. With the option to have it personalised with your own personal Porsche in the design. The ultimate keepsake for every Porsche lover.


How do you seduce Porsche owners to get (back) in touch?


We asked ourselves - what do you gift someone that has enough money to buy (almost) everything they want? Well; an experience that money can’t buy. Regardless of what model they own, all Porsche drivers have 1 thing in common; their love for driving their Porsche.


We offer them an experience they love ánd a keepsake they can’t possibly get their hands on any other way. A unique driving experience with a unique gift at the end. With limited availability to drive scarcity. All taking place during two specific weekends to create more community-feeling and increase word-of-mouth marketing in the Porsche community.


As COVID restrictions forced us to stay within the national borders, the Porsche Tour of Legends allowed Porsche drivers to rediscover all the classics that the Netherlands has to offer.

For the art direction we made use of another classic that every Porsche lover would instantly recognize; Erich Strenger. Strenger was responsible for many iconic racing posters between the years of 1951 and 1987. Large, colourful and with modern typographic elements, he portrayed the glory moments of Porsche motorsport.

We brought his classic graphic style back to life with the 12 exclusive posters. Making use of iconic landmarks and colorways of the flags of the different provinces, we created a unique design per route. All of course with a Porsche as the centerpiece.

To make it even more special, one could upload a photo of one’s own Porsche in order to receive a personalised poster.


We created a unique keepsake that many Porsche owners wanted to get their hands on. During the campaign period, over 2200 Porsche owners left their credentials on the campaign website. This exceeded expectations by 147%.

Most importantly, almost 20% of this group were Porsche owners that were previously unknown to Porsche. This number exceeded expectations by almost 75%. A huge win for Porsche.

Numbers aside, the biggest success were the numerous positive reactions from the community. People loved that Porsche surprised them with this, especially during times of lockdown. Moreover, they were sharing the event in several Porsche community channels, leading to spikes in the registrations on the campaign website. Proving that the campaign not only hit all the right targets on Porsche’s side, but also proved to be of much added value to the Porsche community.

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