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On 1 April, 2002 Actis System released the Toyota Motor Co. site on Russian internet. This event closely corresponded with the start of activities for the national distribution and marketing arm, and with the launch of the new Corolla model. In accordance with client’s brief, our key target was to create a really original web site using the traditional corporate style of Toyota. One of the site’s special features became the navigation system. To find information about one of the Toyota models, you should click on the car’s silhouette. Other features – outstanding color combinations that provide the spirit and identity of the brand. Aside from car model assortment, the site structure contains information about Toyota Motor Corporation's history, news, customer services centers, official dealers and after-sales services. A separate section is dedicated to the new Toyota Corolla. The special section contains information about Toyota – Panasonic F1 team.

Modern site design combines with an easy search system. Web Builder technologies (Actis Systems development) allow Toyota Motor Co. specialists to manage the content of the web-resource without assistance.

“The main thing we thought of, while creating the Toyota site, was to convey the spirit of the brand. We wanted the site visitor to instantly feel the spirit one can experience when driving a new Corolla. It is a feeling of silent excitement." says Alexey Antonov, Actis Systems' Creative Director.

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