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Imagine a system where customers within the dealership can intuitively browse any vehicle, in any colour, with any available grade or option or accessory and even view the vehicle in different environments depending on their emotional preference.

Where they can peel back the skin of the vehicle to explore detailed information around safety, performance, technology and design - instantly calling on an extensive library of supporting collateral before emailing themselves a custom eBrochure featuring their creation.

Driven by a complex CAD library, the system would guarantee product accuracy and detail. AAA gaming technology and premium graphics hardware would deliver beautiful real time rendering at industry leading speeds. A large format touch screen and intuitive GUI would ensure ease of use and lasting immersion.

Showroom 360 is the ultimate real time vehicle configuration and discovery tool, designed to bring Dealerships to the leading edge of the tech age.


The initial idea was born in our think tank. From conception through development, deployment and post activation support - we handled it all in house.

We combined an extensive CG pipeline with emergent GPU rendering and a AAA gaming engine, maximising the realtime experience and maintaining photorealism. Each unit presents a 70 inch touchscreen integrated in a brand compliant stand. Units are located in Toyota’s new vehicle showrooms.

Prototype field testing occurred in 6 dealerships over 3 months. A Dealer committee advised on system adjustments to align with accepted sales processes. Automation was built into the system along with robust cloud monitoring infrastructure.

Production and rollout occurred over a 6 month period when the system was installed in over 270 unique sites and scaled to include 17 Toyota vehicles.

Development continues in response to dealer and customer feedback and usage analytics delivered across the managed network of units.


Development and rollout of Showroom 360 has exceeded client time and budget expectations.

Dealer uptake was very rapid. Scaling from 6 units to 128 in 3 months and now supporting a national dealership network of over 270 sites - the first rollout of a realtime configurator to this scale in the world.

Total vehicles viewed since 1st June 2015 is 137,757.

Toyota Australia has confirmed a direct correlation between those using Showroom 360 and customer satisfaction.

Toyota Australia also reports a change in dealership protocols surrounding this technology including product training and sales guidelines.

The system has created a new communication channel into dealerships. For example, simultaneous nationwide broadcasting of time critical messaging, including “first look” sessions of upcoming new vehicles.

Dealers are placing orders for additional units and Toyota Australia has initiated a new project stream to accommodate the overwhelming volume of additional functionality requests.

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