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OGILVY & MATHER, Bangkok / YUM! / 2016

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Make KFC delivery a solution to the suffering of Bangkok’s traffic. A true delivery expert that turns delivery service as a functional benefit into an emotional experience.

When asked to come up with factors that contributes to a delivery expert Thai’s mentioned; speed, promotions and food temperature. The basics that is not set apart by brands but by the category’s attributes. This campaign aims to play a part into setting into setting the brand a part.

Consumers can relax and let us deal with all the stress on the road for them. Giving consumers a rewarding experience that is truly unique by provoking them at their pain point and letting them see us as a solution.


KFC delivery put up a billboard to encourage people to stay home and order KFC delivery.

Showing Bangkok traffic jam as a knot of cars all tied up with a copy that provoke people. Telling them the best way to avoid all the hassle, a way to beat the traffic is to get KFC delivery.

The billboard aims to create a mass awareness but with a message that would turn heads of people stuck in traffic to use our service. A one off targeted touch point.


Grabbing attention and reminding consumers of KFC delivery, creating brand relevancy that KFC delivery is a solution to Bangkok’s most talked about headaches.

Reaching a sales growth of 5% in 2016 from 2015 adding as much as +15,000 more transactions.

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