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Every year, especially during the months of October-November, there was a campaign intensity dominated by rival marketplaces. During these periods, we could not allocate budgets as large as our competitors to our communications. As our visibility was lagging behind our competitors in proportion to our budget, it was becoming increasingly difficult to reach the end user. We needed a strategy to separate ourselves from this clutter.


There were a lot of product and campaign messages that we needed to communicate during the month of November. To be able to reach the consumer with these messages at the right time and in the right place, we divided our two campaign communication periods into six phases. Our campaigns progressed with Reach/VideoViews/Awareness/Engagement/Traffic/Conversion KPIs simultaneously, so we had many different broadcasts with different objectives. To maximize the benefits of all these broadcasts and manage them all with a single AI, we created a strategy based on Connected Brands.


As our visibility lagged behind our competitors in direct proportion to the budget, it was getting harder and harder to touch the end user. In addition, the perception of our target audience was very scattered due to the advertising confusion in this period, and they needed to see the different communications that stood out among these advertisements. During the month of November, we have placed a lot of campaign discourse and phase that we need to be in contact with, in another communication and application language, to show our target audiences at the right time and frequency. We have provided a strategy of providing discounts on the products they want so that their communications that are stuck in a certain time frame throughout the whole month accompany the person's purchase journey.


Our main goals for our campaigns, we simultaneously determined Reach / VideoViews / Awareness / Conversion KPIs. We created a strategy based on Connected Brands. Our overall strategy is to achieve the highest recall and sales from Meta and to enrich the data with an interaction-oriented Chatbot via Programmatic, sharpen the target audience and increase conversion by touching the entire purchase journey of a person differently at different touchpoints.

In order to reach all of our potential customers and let them interact with Pasaj, we went live with the slogan "Passage Days Are Starting, Don't Miss the Opportunities" and Reach/Video Views/Post Engagement KPIs. In this phase, we asked our potential customers about the products they wanted to be discounted via Poll and made discounts on the products that received the most votes. In addition, we offered 9 different categories by asking users in which category they expected discounts


With this media strategy applied for the first time after all communication efforts, we achieved such a great success. In November, we reached a total of 129 million impressions, 1.1 million clicks, 53 million video views, and 27.8 million reach in Meta Connected Brands. Compared to the previous year, our campaign achieved a revenue increase of 177%, a sales volume increase of 33%, a 290% increase in assists, an 8.45% increase in e-commerce conversion rate, and a 22% increase in users. We exceeded our November sales target by more than 191% and completed our communication efforts well beyond our target, which was one of our biggest goals.

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