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Lightning has always provided a pivotal role for stage performers - setting the mood and having a great deal of control over the emotions of the audience. But what it were the reverse? For the first time ever, we allow the audience to control the actors instead Philips Hue via an inter-reactive play where the mood and scenes are determined by a live audience. 47 Philips Hue lights were used in the set design, and along with the Hue App, lighting controls for the genre of romance, drama and thrill were handed over to the audience. The collaboration between iris Singapore, director Jasmin Tarasin, talented cast of improv actors, and the audience created a modern adaptation of the Shakespearean classic Romeo & Juliet in a whole different light. As the improv actors reacted according to the moods created, the audience was even able to pick an alternate ending.


On September 23rd 2016 the live theatre event took place in a studio setting in Marrickville Sydney. Music and sound design, lighting design, stage production design and consultation with a film director was part of the planning process in the lead up to the event. Audience participants were invited from a mix of existing Philips consumers, potential new consumers and theatre / live event appreciators. On the day of the event, a case study film was shot along with a 20min full length version to be housed on social media and a microsite. Two alternate endings were also filmed for online viewers to choose their HUE and experience the play themselves.


A microsite was set up to house the videos of the live event and also to invite at home audiences to also take part in choosing their own HUE. The traffic to the microsite was mainly driven by social media with prompts on Facebook generating over 10,000 views. Consumer awareness of the Hue products was increased as seen in positive feedback and questions on social posts in response to the online video. Editorial of the world first inter-reactive play covered in multiple marketing, advertising, film, lighting and technology magazines and platforms. There was also an increase in downloads of the Philips Hue app which was required to control the lighting of the inter-reactive play on site and use at home.

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