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Halebop - Christmas is all about giving

WAVEMAKER, Stockholm / HALEBOP / 2018

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Data insights

Students in Sweden live across the country but always go home for Christmas, mostly by train (index 158 Source: Trafikverket). And since Christmas is the biggest travel holiday, this is also when trains are most commonly delayed in Sweden. 12,2% of the trains were late last Christmas 2017, source: Trafikverket.


Our idea: Halebop offers free data to all customers with delayed trains so they can stay connected with their families or to keep them entertained during their prolonged journey.

We connected the Swedish Train Traffic Administration’s API to the telco Halebop's database and we used digital out of home billboards at the affected stations to deliver a message in real-time about the specific delayed departure: “Waiting for the delayed train to Stockholm? Halebop is giving you 1GB of free data!”.

The same database was used to verify travelers and that they were in fact delayed. This was done in microseconds, giving 1GB data almost immediately to the affected traveling students.


Connecting open API data with actual CRM data to both identify actual delays and to give 1GB specifically to those who need it while connecting these data points to the media purchase is unique.



• Data gathering

Swedish Train Traffic Administration’s API is open to the public and was used for automated tracking of train delays (location and time) but also to verify delay data requests from Halebop customers.

• Data interpretation

Data retrieval was done with an HTTP call. A question is sent with the POST method which describes what data is requested and the content of any filters.

The data format returned is XML or JSON.

• Targeting

Using the API data, we only bought DOOH at the affected station, at the specific time, displaying a customized message regarding the delayed trains.


• Data enhanced consumer experience

Without data there would have been no experience. Even in the absence of major train chaos, with 114 delayed trains, 3030 people got their 1 GB, equivalent to 3 000 hours of movies at Netflix or listening to Spotify for almost 44 000 hours.

On average 27 customers per train, about 8% of the passengers could enjoy online content instead of looking at a delayed trains billboard.

• Data driven behaviour change

The appreciation of the specific campaign was clear since more than 3000 individuals tried to claim the offer even though they weren’t Halebop customers. In other words, the envy rate was as high.

• Business impact

During the period, the main KPI consideration increased by 10% in the specific target audience. A result well above anticipation.

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