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Tweet It Into Existence

TWITTER, San Francisco / TWITTER / 2022


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Whether it's real-time reactions to a sporting event, commentary on an emerging geo-political situation, or just a silly thread about cats making its way around the world, Twitter is where the conversation is happening.

Following several brand campaigns highlighting important conversations like #BlackLivesMatter, pandemic mask wearing, and more, the Twitter marketing team was tasked with activating around more aspirational conversations heading into 2022.

After much exploration, we discovered a consistent-yet-growing trend whereby people were predicting their own future success in their Tweets – including a significant number of well-known celebrities. As such, we decided to embrace this meaningful behavior and position Twitter as the platform that has the power to bring your dreams to life.

Our objective was threefold – to bring more awareness to this unique phenomenon, to inspire more people to Tweet their dreams, and to elevate the perception of Twitter overall.


Over the past several years, Tweets pertaining to the concept of "manifestation" – articulating your hopes and dreams in an effort to see them realized – have been steadily increasing. By the beginning of 2022, "manifestation" Tweets totaled more than 59 million.

Even better, many of these "Tweet dreams" have actually come true.

To tell these stories in a simple yet powerful way, we adapted the popular "how it started / how it's going" meme format to include aspirational Tweets from well-known public figures set against images of those aspirations being realized.

This format allowed us to highlight a variety of well-known, notable individuals from virtually any cultural sphere or discipline, collectively telling a brand story that could only be told by Twitter.


Twitter's core marketing strategy is centered on "activating and elevating the best of Twitter." While already known for the unique humor and personality of our power users, the insight behind "Tweet It Into Existence" gave us the opportunity to highlight the aspirational side of our platform.

As Tweets are the foundation of all our campaigns, we curated a collection of aspirational Tweets from well-known, notable individuals who had subsequently brought their dreams to life.

These individuals were strategically selected to represent a diverse array of industries, personalities, and backgrounds in order to appeal to the broadest consumer audience possible.

Media placements were developed across print, digital, and outdoor to contextually target the individual audiences of each person being featured and tell a collective story about the Twitter brand overall. Finally, we launched the campaign at the top of the year when aspiration and manifestation Tweets are hitting their peak.


Tactically, we took an integrated approach centering on the launch of the out-of-home placements together with support from our owned channels.

The outdoor creative featured 12 notable individuals who had Tweeted their dreams into existence including Meg Thee Stallion, Niall Horan, Patrick Mahomes, and more. The creative was featured on 40+ billboards across 7 cities in two countries, ranging from high impact clusters like Times Square (NYC) and Union Station (Toronto), to individual placements like Houston (Meg Thee Stallion's hometown).

We then created a thread of photos featuring each individual from our flagship @Twitter handle, which launched in tandem with the outdoor. The talent (and select fan handles) were also given images to Tweet, which greatly extended the reach of the campaign.

Finally, we adapted the creative for print, digital, and paid social channels, which ran collectively for 30 days following the end of the outdoor flight.


Tweet It Into Existence exploded on and off Twitter, bringing much-needed positivity to the timeline and beyond.

The campaign generated over 71 million owned social impressions, over 750 million earned media impressions, and was one of the most positively received Twitter campaigns ever.

Twitter also donated almost $1 MILLION dollars to the featured talents’ charities of choice, and thousands of new dreams were Tweeted onto the timeline.


750 million earned media impressions

71 million owned social impressions

53 million outdoor impressions

98% positive sentiment - becoming the most positive Twitter brand campaign of all time

$1 million in charitable donations to UNICEF, Destination Crenshaw, Streetlights, Live to be Different, Choose Love, Boys & Girls Club of Louisiana, No Gray Areas, Garners Outreach, Edward Charles Foundation, Bread of Life, and 15 and the Mahomies

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