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DAVID, Madrid / TWITTER / 2020

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We had the challenge to persuade the most relevant advertisers that their campaigns would work best on Twitter. Therefore, our target was not the Twitter users themselves, but Media Directors, CMOs and Brand Management teams.


We created the first B2B campaign that adapts its spots to the client that gets them, by using the ads that they were airing at that moment within our own.


To show how effective Twitter is in connecting with the audiences that matter the most to the brands, we needed to connect with advertisers in a way that was relevant to them. And what can matter the most to them than their own advertising? So we turned their campaigns into data to feed our own, creating the most hyper-targeted B2B campaign yet.


Twitter users look at their phones more than 100 times a day. And we turned this powerful truth into ironic stories where the characters are looking at traditional advertising as often as people look at their phones. To top it off, the ads within the stories were from the latest campaign aired by the client being targeted.

The campaign consisted of more than 50 custom ads that retargeted each client to a site with information, budgets and even a projection of the results of their campaigns on Twitter.


Unlike most B2B campaigns, ours had a massive response from the advertisers. It generated positive comments from Media Directors, C-level executives and Managers of relevant brands, like P&G, Vodafone, VW, Nestlé, McDonald’s and many others. In other words, our most valuable audience.

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