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There are over 350 million daily active users on Twitter, and it’s our job to showcase the best of what’s happening through our own work and the elevation of others via Twitter owned handles.

Our main brief is to cultivate engaged audiences & build credibility within conversations over time, globally, across a range of passions and interests.

Our main objective? To change the way people think about Twitter through activations and always-on social that’s on the pulse of the conversation, always in rhythm with what’s happening.

TL:DR We love Twitter and we want other people to love it, too.


As Twitter on Twitter, we are the voice of What’s Happening. So it’s our job to talk about what’s being talked about, to engage audiences on the platform, and to be there when a conversation is popping off.

Using a unique combination of insights, analytics, conversation strategy, and editorial voice, we activated & elevated the best of Twitter at the right moment with the right audiences to drive engagement—every single day, all year long.


Our core social & editorial strategy is to activate and elevate the best of what's happening—anytime, anywhere.

There are over 500 million Tweets sent every day, so knowing which conversations to lean into is a huge challenge, especially when you’re Twitter.

But after the collective misery that was 2020, we knew the bar was low (extremely low) for 2021. But it was also a chance hit refresh on literally everything. Change the conversation, if you will.

So our focus was for 2021 was to light up the timeline with fun, relatable, on the pulse, and uplifting Tweets and activations. Basically, we just wanted to add some joy and levity to everyone's day, one Tweet at a time.


When Meta went down on October 4, we dropped a Tweet from @Twitter becoming the 2nd most liked Tweet of the year, globally, and was featured on Good Morning America, the Late Show, and the cover of the NY Times.

When we told everyone Fleets were going away, we did it with a “we’re sorry” AND a “you're welcome.” Because some people just did not like Fleets. But some people did. And then we did what any social team would do when a Tweet pops off—we made merch and gave it away to people who said nice things about our Tweet.

After noticing a rise in NFT conversation, we surprised our @Twitter followers and dropped The 140 Collection—140 free NFTs designed and minted by Twitter. The 7 unique NFTs each encapsulated a piece of Twitter history, from our original green slime logo to our transition from 140 to 280 characters.


In 2021, across our core consumer handles, we generated a total of 109.8 million engagements and 3.4 billion impressions.

Just for @Twitter alone in 2021, we generated 79.2 million engagements and 2.4 billion impressions.

A single Tweet on Oct 4th (“Hello Literally Everyone”) generated 3.3 million likes, 22 million total engagements, and was the second-most liked Tweet of the year, globally.

All of this led to a significant contribution to brand equity and an earned impression and engagement value for Twitter totaling over $100 million.

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