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SOKO, Sao Paulo / UBER / 2020

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Uber was updating its code of conduct to a stricter version. As the most important ride service brand, it was always connected when misconduct cases were brought to light by social media, even if the misbehaviour took place during another brand's ride.

The objective was to come up with the creatives to communicate the update in the code of conduct in the context of Carnival, which is the biggest Brazilian street party, happening countywide and for several days. Tied to heavy drinking, it always saw the increase of cases of sexual harassment, racism and LGBT-phobia.


Weeks before Carnival, the biggest street party in Brazil, Uber updated its code of conduct, making it clear that unacceptable behavior would cause user's banishment. But better than just waiting for people to be banned from our platform, we took it to the streets with an un-invitation: "if you're on the side of racists, harassers, or LGBT-phobics, Uber is not for you. Just delete it". The idea was to make the most out of great impact OOHs (bus stops, airports, buildings gable, etc.) and bold and straight to the point phrases that would leave no space for misinterpretation, basically saying: if you have any of these behaviours, then Uber is not for you. We also had the challenge to make sure that both drivers and riders would feel contemplated in the same sentence, without letting any of them feel personally attacked.


Since our OOH taglines were straightforward, we used their pictures to instigate the press. But this is a topic related to people, and we needed allies. We invited seven ambassadors, chosen considering their relevant involvement in the causes, to echo the message to our audience.

While the ATL communication was more directed to possible aggressors, the PR front was able to talk to potential victims, who didn't necessarily feel safe during rides.


The campaign took place from February 11th to 28th and was organized in three phases.

- Buzz: 395 OOH placements and over 52MM impacts.

- Amplify: Using pictures of our hero assets (OOH), we amplified the message through owned media, dark social, ambassadors and press kit seeding.

- Sustain: In-app, CRM, and the landing page were responsible for deepening the message. This phase delivered 2.9MM impressions.


170M impacts between OOH and digital, especially where Uber provides its services: big cities. As people shared the message by reposting our assets or the news, or even posting pictures taken by themselves in social media, we were able to have an 30M organic reach.

The message sparked a lot of debate, and we saw 7x more engagement on Instagram vs. our Uber BR average. We even received unexpected support from our competitors, such as 99, that replied to racists, harassers and LGBT-phobics that expressed they would only use their services by saying they felt the same way as us. Besides, instead of losing users, we saw downloads growing above expectations.

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