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The Idea: Your Guide to the Art World Planet Art brings art news, reviews and inspiration together in one simple news reader app. It is the world’s definitive source of art intelligence for collectors, enthusiasts and


In the world of art, thousands of sources, articles and opinions threaten to overwhelm both experts and beginners alike. It’s a complex and noisy place. A great deal of time and effort is required to embrace, understand, and make the most of the art scene. Our solution was inspired by this fragmentation. Through the creative use of available data, we were sure a more efficient, objective and intelligent distillation of contemporary art news and information could be achieved.

So Planet Art was born. An ultra-intelligent news reader app for the art world, using a custom built machine learning algorithm to deliver only the most relevant news stories and trends straight to your smartphone.


UBS believes that understanding is a fundamental shared value between the worlds of art and financial service; therefore they invest in programs that explore new art ideas, works and artists. A decades long commitment to contemporary art is extended with Planet Art, their first substantial foray into digital service marketing.

A digital product for mobile devices perfectly fits the brand’s dedication to innovation,

whilst matching the behavior of our core conceptual target group: Global citizen, English speaking High & Ultrahigh Net Worth Individuals looking to enter, participate and understand the complex world of contemporary art.

UBS Planet Art was launched in beta for iPad in December 2014 to an exclusive audience in the UBS VIP Lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach. Since then, Planet Art has been released on additional platforms and a wider audience at other Art Basel events and activated through paid social media promotion.

The objectives in creating such a platform were twofold:

-Engage an art interested public in the UBS brand and provide them with value added services for contemporary art

-Boost the innovative brand value perception of UBS

The design of the app brings together the contemporary style of the art world and the distinctive branding of UBS. Designing Planet Art centered around creating a digital product which would resonate with the simplicity of this world. Here, the artists and their works must always remain center stage.

The content is therefore presented like works of art in a gallery: clearly, on a white background, with small cards containing all the information users need to know. Everything is structured in a smart, easy-to-read hierarchy.

The result is an elegantly designed app, which thanks to innovative use of data sources, provides a whole new view on the world of contemporary art.


Our dedicated user base are actively using Planet Art:

-10% conversion from download to active feature use per quarter

- >1% conversion from download to active feature use per week

-36% conversion from download to unique user, per quarter

-21% of unique users personalized the app with their favorite artists, location & institution tags

-Average usage time more than three minutes

Top App Store Ratings:

4.0 stars in the Apple app store

3.9 stars in the Google Play Store

An immense database of art knowledge:

-Keywords scanned: 210.572.561

-News sources: 78

-Tags identified: 936.023

-Articles indexed: 328.236

-Personal tags set: 32.452

High volume partnerships (Artsy Year in Review 2015)

-222,700 unique visitors total

-355,000 total engaged minutes

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