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United to Unite

GUT, Buenos Aires / STELLA ARTOIS / 2023







Among the consumer’s world there are fandoms that collide in an eternal battle of preferences. With the launch of the new Stella Artois Blanche, we had a business opportunity making beer consumers perceive Stella as a brand that invites you to discover new flavors. And at the same time we had the challenge to promote the union of different people, by not excluding anyone based on their taste.

When we talk about beer, refreshment and flavor are two opposing preferences which are historically at odds with each other. United to Unite takes us to the world of the Montegues and the Capulets, the famously feuding families from Romeo and Juliet, to show us how two families with different taste in beer - The Montastes and the Capulights - find common ground thanks to a new variety: Stella Blanche.


We based the campaign on the concept United to unite and created a film which takes us into the Romeo and Juliet world, two rival families locked in a feud over their radically different tastes in beer. The only difference is that this time the story doesn't end in tragedy.

A peace dove interferes to help The Montastes and The Capulights to find common ground in the flavor of Stella Blanche.


Taking into account that our challenge was to make an ad for Blanche that made beer consumers perceive Stella as a brand that invites you to discover new flavors, our most important results were:

The campaign was perceived by our core audience as interesting (by 43% over Argentina's campaigns average of 20%)and original (by 59% of our audience over Argentina's campaigns average of 40%.)

45% of those who tried it did so when they wanted to try something new (impact in discovering new flavors)

Blanche’s re-purchase intent was 98%.

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