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CONAN Remotes have become one of the most popular segments among CONAN fans. Conan is unleashed into the great wide world, bringing comedic relief, impressive red hair, and sometimes awkward questions to the human population. Team Coco created a hilarious Remote segment where Conan gives one of his staffers, Diana Chang, a driving lesson. Conan begins the lesson by teaching her basic rules of the road but ends up bringing in a little help from his friends and stars of Ride Along 2, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. The drive quickly changes from a lesson to a joyride, as they determined whether Conan was dressed like a “nighttime walker”, if Ice Cube or Conan knew more about the neighborhood, fill a piñata with marijuana obtained during a visit to the local dispensary, have a run in with the cops, and visit a Popeye’s.


Team Coco created a custom CONAN Remote segment that featured Conan O’Brien taking staffer, Diana Chang, for a driving lesson along with the Ride Along 2 stars, Kevin Hart & Ice Cube. This segment featured some memorable moments including hilarious banter between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube about the “friend zone”, tips on how to deal with aggressive drivers from Kevin Hart, and “thug life” seat belt safety from Ice Cube. The custom CONAN Remote segment was distributed on-air, online and socially. This partnership leveraged a new social product, Launchpad, which is designed to maximize a brand's impact across platforms by proprietary, actionable insights to a multi-platform campaign, optimizing placement and engagement from start to finish. Utilizing proprietary insights and real-time content optimization, Launchpad was able to push this video to trend #1 on YouTube and generate over 90K engagements to the “supercut” in a single week.


• 42M video views across digital and social platforms to date and counting!

• 4x the average view rate on

• #1 trending video on YouTube on Jan 6, 2016 (day of release)

• 1.8M Twitter Impressions

• Over 9M Facebook Impressions

• Ride Along 2 was #1 at the Box Office Opening Weekend

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