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Untaggable Billboard

DDB BRUSSELS, Brussels / AUDI / 2017

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The Audi Q2 is one of the new flagship models from this German manufacturer. This versatile SUV is not one to let itself be labelled. So it has been given the hashtag #untaggable. This international positioning was skillfully used by Audi Belgium to launch the model. In collaboration with Clear Channel, we created a #untaggable poster. A sticker of the Audi Q2 was superimposed on a rotating bus shelter poster, revealing a new landscape during each rotation. This device was particularly impactful, we see the Audi Q2 integrated into three different environments, very effectively underlining its #untaggable character.

This clever stroke was used in Brussels and Antwerp. Audi wanted to launch its new Q2 in style. It did so through this dynamic medium, which upgrades the traditional 2m2 poster.

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