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US Primary Presidential Debate Spin Room/ Media Filing Center Innovation Project

GOOGLE, New York / GOOGLE / 2016

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In the past, media filing centers and spin rooms were uninspiring spaces. Journalists were traveling across the US to report on a Presidential Debate from a folding table and chair with the potential of stale coffee and spotty internet. Facing one of the most important election cycles in recent history, Google wanted to make sure that journalists had access to the interests of Americans while working from a space that encouraged efficiency and creative thinking. Carefully reviewing the needs of the media, Google provided custom workspaces with built-in power, top notch internet connectivity, grab n' go stations packed with healthy snacks and useful travel items, a full service espresso bar, catering highlighting local fare, and most importantly real time and relevant data powered by Google Trends, Google Consumer Surveys and YouTube. The entire space was designed to enhance live reporting and provide a visually inspiring backdrop for reporters.


Two main spaces: an 11,000 sq ft media filing center/spin room and a cafe/lounge. 300 LED tiles were installed at the top of custom walls in the filing center to provide relevant information. For the first time, the spin room was moved to the center of the room and workspaces were set on each side creating a more organized flow. Wood dividers (instead of pipe and drape) were built to create standup locations for broadcast media. Across the room, a 14 ft x 24 ft seamless LED wall displayed real-time data visualizations. Along the same wall was a digital map showing search interest in candidates down to county level and an interactive planar with Google Consumer Surveys data. The custom-built mid-century modern lounge space included an espresso bar, screens featuring political content on YouTube, an interactive planar with new search features, and an area to check out 360-degree cameras.


Google data powered news coverage for over 2,000 journalists during the debates, connecting potential voters across the country to the political process. Google data became *the* way to interpret the debates and the big moments happening there.

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