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HUMAN, Buenos Aires / COCA-COLA / 2013

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A powerful and playful insight,the classic veoveo [spanish for I spy].A guessing game Argentinians learn in childhood: Have to guess a point of the city that is characterized by a colour. We came up with #veoveovitaminwater,taking the classic game to the most popular network today:Twitter. Instructions: 1:a place with a particular colour is selected and only the colour is says "I spy with my little eyes something that is red!" 2:hints are given to guide participants.3: participants start saying places or objects in that colour. our next step was to invite followers to play “I spy” by virtually walking the streets of New York by google street view platform,and visiting the most colourful sights in these city.


we played every Wednesday over six weeks, getting to be trending topic for the six subsequent weeks.

we achieved a 160% growth in our followers base.

our action strengthened the link between the brand, colours and its home town, New York.

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