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Vodafone 23 April 5G Stadium Concert

CARAT TURKEY, Istanbul / VODAFONE / 2023

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April 23 Children's Day gifted by Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic to children of all religions, languages and races which was celebrated with the participation of children from all over the world coming together could not be celebrated physically pandemic days.

We as Vodafone Turkey, a company which cares about creating meaningful solutions to meet all consumer needs, based on the insight that the 23 April enthusiasm cannot be celebrated physically together, we organized Turkey's first hologram concert by using 5G's simultaneous connection technology to bring people together.

This celebration used to be held in stadiums, and also broadcasted on TV, and this enthusiasm was also shared with millions.

As Vodafone, we did not give up on this tradition, and collaborated with one of Turkey's biggest media groups, and we made the 5G Stadium concert to reach millions.


The target audience was Turkish people who have a tradition of sharing April 23 excitement with the children of the world.

We made a partnership deal with one of Turkey’s biggest media groups and used their assets to carry the festive enthousiasm to millions by using the power of live stream on CNN Türk, one of Turkey's most watched news stations..

Before the concert date, with a 360 media strategy we made announcements in one of most powerfull online platform and one of most read Newspaper, Hurriyet and one of the most recognized radio station CNN Türk Radyo.

In the live broadcast that we made on Vodafone Turkey youtube channel, the interaction of our viewers was high, and they increased this enthusiasm even more by using the power of social media with their messages.


We started our announcements 3 weeks before the concert with 360 communication plan. We made native promotions within the news on TV, Radio, and digital. We ignited the excitement of the 23 April Concert with social media influencers.

We made a partnership with one of the biggest media groups, 5G hologram stadium concert was broadcasted live on CNN Türk so we added the media communication channel capability to our strong communication technology competence, with 5G Hologram technology, to reach everyone who misses the spirit of April 23.

Beside the live broadcast of the concert on CNN Türk, we also broadcasted the live concert on Vodafone Youtube channel. During the concert, we enabled our audience to share their joy and enthusiasm messages from the screen on the stage which ignited social media spread of the concert.


Vodafone Turkey 23 April stadium concert, which we held with 5G hologram and AR technology turned into news stories on media, and created great WOM

With the announcements and broadcasts of our concert, we reached 35 million people in total with a minimum of 3 frequencies. It was watched by 250 thousand people in total with the live broadcast on April 21 and the tape broadcast on April 23 on CNN Turk.

Our TV spots reached 17 million, our radio spots 6 million, our TV advertorials reached 5 million, our outdoor advertisements reached 2 million and our newspaper advertisements reached 185 thousand people. Our digital announcement and showcase video broadcasts received 9 million completions, and our information page 664 thousand traffic.

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